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James Hutchins set up James Chocolates in 1995 and what I love about his company is that they have a sense of fun with their products. Something I can really get on board with. I was asked to photograph a range of Christmas themed images for their website and social media platforms.

Somerset Product Photographer

There was a large mix of images to shoot as they have such a variety in their range so trying to make sure every image was different required pulling together a mix of fabrics, textures and decorations.

Somerset Product Photography

With each fun flavor or product design, I tried to find a complimentary prop to go along with it. One of the ideas I had for their range of Snowman lollipops and penguins was to shoot them in snow but with the weather not delivering any at the time of the session, I had to make my own.

James Chocolates Product Photography

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I went through all my fabrics and found a nice mix that could be used within the images but I also took a walk down the High Street to all the charity shops and found a handful of bits that could also work.

Having shot for them before, I remembered they had a Chilli infused chocolate and although this wasn’t a part of their Christmas range, I asked them to bring some in as I had a shot idea I wanted to try out. The result was a lovely smokey looking floating chilli which told a story of a chocolate with a little bit of a kick (See top of the page).

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The variety of images we got whilst maintaining a consistent lighting and style was fantastic and the images certainly helped give their website a festive theme at a time they wanted to be selling Christmas to the trade.

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To see more of what they do, take a visit to www.jameschocolates.co.uk.

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