Somerset Head Shots

Head shots are a common request for clients and we cater to whatever your requirements may be. For larger companies, it’s normally a standard white background to allow consistency across all staff members. For others, having a selection of styles is more important because they want different images for different platforms.

That’s exactly what was required here. This client was preparing to publish a book and asked for images to be used in the book itself, images to be used online on different platforms and potentially images for press etc. Some were to be more formal and others needed to be more relaxed so it was lovely to work in the studio with someone that had a clear goal.

We started with the more formal images but wanted to keep them a little bit more interesting than a standard head shot. The styling and lighting in the first couple of images resulted in a more high end advertising look which was exactly what we were going for.

Business Head Shots Somerset

We then moved to the more relaxed images which were shot to be light and fit well on social media platforms which is where they were to be used predominantly. The High Key White background is fairly standard when it comes to head shots and in larger groups with a variety of genders and ages, it works perfectly.

We can shoot head shots in the studio and on location so whatever your requirements whether a sole trader or a company of hundreds, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

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