Glastonbury Spring Water

I’ve worked with Glastonbury Spring Water for several years now shooting imagery for their website, their brochures and their vans. One of their current van images (see above) resulted in me being shortlisted for Advertising Photographer of the year with international photographic association the SWPP.

Over the last few months, they’ve been re-branding their company with a new company logo and this has been a step by step process for them. This recent job involved capturing some straight forward E-Commerce images of their plastic bottles along with their re-fillable bottle range and their plumbed in coolers.

Although E-Commerce images aren’t the most creative, they still hold their challenges. With clear water bottles for example, you have to be careful that you keep tone within the water against the pure white background whilst not making the water look dirty and unappealing.

With the water coolers, because they’re made of stainless steel, I wanted to ensure that you could see the reflectiveness of the metal and show off the cleanliness of the product. We captured the images without bottles and then with each of the re-fillable bottles in situ as well. Because these are automatic machines, they light up so the image was shot on a long exposure to show the lights on the machine.

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