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Food and Drink Photography with more local brewers is often overlooked. When a company only has a small range, they tend to use phone shot images or resort to the normally expected E-Commerce shots. With so many amazing breweries in Somerset, I was delighted when one of them came to me with 2 separate requirements.

Glastonbury Ales were mainly looking for the straight forward E-Commerce product photography of their full range. A small handful of these images were to be used to create their new eye-catching vans but it was mainly to ensure their shop looked professional. We also worked on creating something that would work well on Social Media. Images that stopped people scrolling and would inspire a like and potentially a share. This delighted me!

The main product images involved shooting the bottles on a product table so the bottles could be shot straight on. Each image was shot one by one and then retouched to ensure the bottles and labels were pristine. There were also 2 sets of bottles they wanted shot as they sell them as a collection via the website. These were done both inside and outside of the box they’re sold in.
Each bottle was also shot with and without what’s called spritzing. These are the water droplets that assist in making it look like the bottles are cold. Due to many of the images having little marks on the labels, spritzing helped hide many of these sins so they took less time to retouch. The dry clean bottles required a lot of little fixes which obviously adds to the length of time each image requires in post-production.

E-Commerce Photography Somerset

With the Signature shots (the eye-catching creative images), we looked to create the feeling of looking up at the bottles. With the Glastonbury Tor which features on the label, you spend a lot of time looking up at it when you live local to it. This was the inspiration behind having them on the lip of a drop and shooting up at them.

I invested in coloured backgrounds as close to the colour of the labels dominant tone and some smaller pieces of card to wrap the edge of the box that the bottles would stand upon. Each bottle was shot in their position with the lighting carefully constructed to create appealing highlights down the rims of the products.

The Voodoo bottle used as a featured image was the most complicated. The reason being both the front and the back of the label deserved to be featured due to the amazing design. The only problem was I only had a single bottle. I shot the front bottle first and then marked where the bottle was sat before moving and rotating the bottle to create the back bottle. These were then brought together in Photoshop with some layer masking and careful blending. The difference in memorability is clear to see when you see the standard style image and the signature style for this amazing brand side by side.

Product Photography Somerset

E-Commerce vs Signature Shot

My personal favourite was the Lady of the Lake. I’ve never worked with such a vibrant blue before and I loved just how much this beautiful design leapt off the page when I finished it off.

Drink Photography Somerset

Lady of the Lake Ale

The halo behind was created to ensure there was the separation of the foreground and the background and again, that feeling of sunrise or sunset is often associated with the Glastonbury Tor so it was a perfect fit.

Glastonbury Ales are a brand that is working hard to become a market leader in their field and I was privileged to be a part of their marketing strategy for 2019. I love working with cool brands like theirs especially when they want me to do what I do in terms of the eye-catching social media-friendly imagery.

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