I work with small independent beauty product company Glamazy on their Amazon product photography to sell online. With each product, I capture a mix of images for both the packaging and the product itself.

Because they are a sole trading company, they don’t have any marketing department or design team so an additional service I provide for them is putting titles, text and any badges required on their images so they’re ready to be uploaded straight to the Amazon store.

Amazon Product Photography

Ensuring a professional image is vital when selling your products on Amazon and this is why finishing the images off with the additional design elements allows the products to be seen quicker and provides piece of mind that they are a company worth purchasing from.

Amazon Product Photographer

When I shoot for Glamazy, it tends to be a single product shot only so the shoots don’t take very long at all but I still take the same care I would with any other shoot. Glamazy’s sales increased quickly when the product imagery was posted and they continue to work with me because they appreciate the benefit the photography has on their overall sales.