2013 saw the launch of my Movember Portraits project from my Somerset portrait studio. At the beginning of 2013, my Father in Law broke the news that he had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I’m delighted to report that he is now on the mend but this event opened my eyes to how important the Movember charity actually is… Tell me more…



The success of the previous years project brought the 2014 project to life. I knew I wanted to do something even more extreme than I had done before in terms of the stories behind each image and that’s exactly what I did… Tell me more…


After a couple of years break, 2017 seemed like a good time to bring back the project I had enjoyed so much in the past. The only problem is that once again I needed it to be bigger and quirkier and I think we may have delivered just that… Tell me more…


What Next?

With the studio diary filling up year on year and my wanting the project to evolve in to something different, I made the decision not to do it in 2015 and give 2016 some thought. Unfortunately 2016 brought its own set of challenges and so it was shelved for another year however 2017 will certainly see the project return!



Gold Awards


Get Involved!

Calling all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas! If you want to get involved with the 2017 project then why not get in touch and register your interest today and capture your Mo Journey in the most creative way possible.

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Follow my Mo’s journey over the 30 days of each year that the project has taken place and see the stories that go along with each of the Movember images.